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Aloe Powder for Animals

(Aloe Powder to make Aloe Vera Juice)

Aloe Powder 400g - Animals
Aloe Vera Powder (Animals) 400g No Preservatives
Makes 40 Lts Juices
$ 99.00 AUD

Aloe Vera Powder (Animals) 1KG
Aloe Vera Powder (Animals) 1KG No Preservatives
Makes 100 Lts Juice
$ 240.00 AUD

4KG Aloe Powder - Animals
Aloe Vera Powder (Animals) 4KG No Preservatives
Makes 400 Lts Juice
$ 840.00 AUD

We harvest 200 mature filleted organic Aloe Vera leaves (which are 1kg per leaf) to make just 400g of our unique dehydrated and spray died concentrated Aloe Powder product. Thats a lot of aloe leaves! Retains the long chain polysaccharides found in the fresh leaf for best animal health benefits.


Add 5g Powder (approx one rounded teaspoon) to 500ml water and shake. Allow approx 5 to 10 mins to dissolve. Refrigerate (or cool spot) & consume within approx 3 days. Its recommended to consume approx 100-200ml daily for Equine health. Add directly to your horse's feed or syringed over the tongue. Monitor results and adjust the dose according to your horse needs. eg. age, height, weight, stress or health concern. Dose rates for Dogs is 40ml per day, cats approx 30ml per day, Dairy approx 20ml etc

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