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Owner's Horse scanned "ulcer free" at Adelaide University Trials

Hi Aloe Vera Australia,

I am not a business, so am not sure whether or not I am able to purchase from you, but I do wish to buy a 1kg bag of aloe vera powder to use for ulcer treatment in my horses.

One of my horses was a participant in a study that is still running at the Roseworthy Campus of Adelaide University and she scanned with 3 ulcers, was treated with your powder and scanned ulcer free after 6 weeks.

Because of this success, I wish to use the powder on my other horses, in order to be sure they are ulcer free.

Please let me know if I can order this and how much.

Cathy Smith, my co admin from Aussie Horse Nutrition on facebook, told me she has been talking to you. I have already been telling people about my mare's success and that the powder was sourced from you.

Thank you for your time,

Anne Hughes

Aloe Vera Australia response to above email.....

Hello Anne,

Thanks sincerely for your email.

Yes you are correct, as our Quality Organic Aloe Vera Powder was used in that trial at the University of Adelaide.

I was extremely confident that all the horses that were using our product in the trial would all receive excellent results as we only supply a highly therapeutic Aloe Powder that is very high in the healing Polysaccharides content.

In fact our Aloe Powder is a unique blend of Aloe Vera Dehydrated powder (requires 1,000 KG Aloe Leaves to make 1KG) and also Aloe Vera Spray Dried Powder (requires up to 200 KG Aloe Leaves to make 1KG) Our product is a super concentrate that works and this is why we have a 100% money back guarantee!

It is the same product that is also used for humans and you can see the results with humans on this link... (we dont make them up as they are all 100% genuine)

So our product is proudly tested on humans so thus it is 100% safe for all Equine and animals!

Looking forward to offer you excellent service.

Kind Regards


Happier and less grumpy horses, now ulcer Free

Hi Saul,

My horses have been doing really well on the 400gm Aloe Powder that I ordered from you about 8 weeks ago. I’ve also been taking it myself and have noticed a difference.

I’ve been giving it to 4 of my horses, two get 1/2 teaspoon of powder twice a day, 2 get 1/2 a teaspoon only once a day. I have noticed improvements in ulcer symptoms in the horse I purchased it for, and surprisingly, in one of my other horses who I didn’t realise HAD ulcers, until she seemed happier after about 5 days, and is now far less grumpy. Have also noticed improved hoof quality growing down from the coronet band in my riding horse who had ulcers.

I usually buy all my herbal products in bulk for my horses, as I have quite a few, hence I am now requesting 1kg packs please.

Love your product, and am already recommending the powder to my friends and clients Smile

Thank you,


Aloe Vera Gel - My dogs itch

Hello Saul,

I purchased a dog 4 years ago and for 3/12 years he SUFFERED from allergies to just about everything. I have taken him to a skin specialist (thousands of dollars) and he was put on 6 mths of injections but to no avail. I was looking on the internet for bulk Aloe vera and found your site.

I ordered 2kg of aloe vera off you and started to treat him with this gel. I would get a handful of the gel and rub it into his bare parts of his body...I did this for 3 weeks every day. I noticed an improvement in one week.

I only have to top up every now and then because he lets me know when he's itchy. He's so placid now and not in distress because of the itching and has blossomed into a gorgeous dog.

Thank you so much for this welcomed remedy. I only used 1kg for that treatment and am on the second one now.

Thank you soooo much!


Equine Stress and Ulcers

My clients are seeing great results in their horses with the horses coping with stress much better and looking healthier. I have one client in particular with a horse that has suffered very poor health the last two years and he began looking very uncomfortable, and quite tucked up in his hind end, but once on the Aloe Vera he has improved hugely and looks comfortable once again.

Another client had not been able to get a saddle on her horse for 6mths. The horse was showing signs of ulcers so I suggested the Aloe Vera Powder. The client had a saddle on the horse after four weeks on the Aloe Vera Powder.


Aloe Vera Powder for Racehorses

Thanks Saul,

I am happy with aloe vera powder product for our racehorse stock.

Our horses that have been on the Aloe Vera look better and in the whole are preforming well. My wife has mentioned her own hair quality has also improved. Do I go straight to paypal with your email for the payment to purchase more Aloe Powder.

Kind Regards

(Missillac France)


Area of Concern (including treatments already tried):

Veterinary consultation and veterinary treatments for thoroughbred horses.

We breed thoroughbred horses on our farm, and to date we have had two exceptional results through using Aloe Vera.

The first experience was in early 2009 with a yearling filly with a massive internal infection. She was in pain and could only 'hobble' around the paddock and was being treated by the Vet with a course of very strong Antibiotics. We were very concerned that if and when she pulled through what her future would be due to possible residual side effects, as there is always a concern for a horse's gut and the possibility of stomach ulcers particularly in light of the strong course of drugs she was on.

We decided to treat her at the same time by administering the Aloe Vera directly down her throat using a syringe. We kept this up while she was on the veterinary treatment and continued for another couple of weeks. The filly made a good recovery and has had no other side effects or problems. Veterinary assistance and antibiotics were essential; however we believe that the Aloe made a big difference to her recovery & healing. This horse has now won her first race and looks to be a very promising filly for the future.

Yearling colt:

The results we had with the above thoroughbred convinced us to try the Aloe Vera again when a young weanling colt we were planning to prepare for an upcoming yearling sales suffered from a bad bout of colic. The vet said that the horse had an intussusception of the bowel – which is when part of the bowel telescopes and causes a blockage. The only way to fix this is through drugs and when all else fails the horse must have surgery. We went through the normal veterinary steps and as there was no improvement, the vet said an operation was necessary at a cost of around $5,000. We were reluctant to proceed with this option for financial reasons and also we did feel concerned (rightly or wrongly) what the future would be for the horse on the racetrack after the operation, so we decided against it.

The Vet said that although the colic was intermittent it was unlikely to go away and that the normal prognosis is that the horse would become listless and unwell and progressively get worse and potentially would have to be put down.

From that point forward we decided we had nothing to loose by administering the Aloe Vera. We were intrigued to notice that the first dose had an immediate calming effect on the horse and so we continued a regime of 120mls three times a day of the Aloe, syringed down the colt's throat. Over a period of 3 weeks the horse had approximately 9 litres of Aloe Vera. Results Achieved: We believe that that administering the Aloe Vera was the reason for the cure of his colic. He responded so well from the first dose and made continual daily progress. Six months later the colt is now being prepared for the yearling sales and has had no sign of colic at all. He is thriving. We are absolutely amazed at the healing power of this wonderful product and will definitely be using it regularly for our horses.



I was introduced to the Aloe Vera a few years ago and later purchased some as I was familiar with the benefits of aloe for animals and humans.

It has proven to be a superior treatment to what is offered by our veterinarian as an immunity was built up to their products. Aloe being a natural healer has not caused this to happen.

Three weeks ago we had a new born calf go down with scours and I think even a touch of pneumonia. After one week of trying conventional treatments such as "borgal" and electrolytes the calf improved some. One week later, though, the problem returned, only worse. I did not think the calf would live (it was almost dead!!). I really did not think even the Aloe would save this calf, but I began administering it orally anyway. The first night I poured about a cup down in the calf 's mouth still thinking that it would probably be dead in the morning as it could not even lift his head. By the next feeding it was greatly improved. I continued to administer the Aloe concentrate diluted with clean water orally for days and the calf had a full recovery.




Farming is a challenging occupation. We have trialed many different remedies and theories in our time, some more successful than others. There is so much more to be learned about Aloe Vera and we cannot be too dogmatic about our discoveries.

In my experience in farming, I've not before experienced such a positive response in my herd as far as overall health.

The animal health costs have been cut as much as 70% along with other benefits.

Such as:

  • Has helped reduce Mastitis
  • Has reduced Somatic Cell Counts
  • Has reduced nasal problems
  • Healthier Calves
  • Helps control calf scours
  • Helps relieve Ryegrass staggers
  • Better conception rates

I have found overall, herd condition better and less problems at calving. Any cows with a problem are drenched with good dosages of Aloe with some good responses. By helping digestion and stress levels, I believe there is a definite future for Aloe in farming. The concentrated Aloe Vera is also very cost effective / affordable.

From George